The Sirolli Institute, established in 1985, is a social enterprise that teaches governments entrepreneurs and community leadership how to capture the passion of their communities, using the intelligence of local people.



We believe that people are not the subject of our programs and initiatives but actors in their own development. Our guiding principle is based on the following quote by E.F. Schumacher: “As far as the motivation is concerned, there is little to be said from the outside. If people do not want to better themselves, they are best left alone -this should be the first principle of aid” (Small in Beautiful – 1973). Showing up uninvited in someone else’s home is unconceivable to us, but it happens continuously in the so called “poor” communities. The “poor”, to us, are the most likely to be patronized. Therefore, the first principle of aid, should be respect. How can you help anyone without respecting them?



We believe that the human race is an intelligent participant in its own evolution in the physical, psychological and social fields. We believe that increasing the capacity of individuals is essential to survive the survival challenges facing humanity. Increasing participation, sharing best practices and breaking down isolation can only multiply the chances for intelligence and creativity to emerge and solve our problems. Entrepreneurs are vital to our planet.


Personal Growth

Our core belief is the potential to become the beautiful person that resides within each of us. Trinity of Management (ToM) is a killer application off Humanistic Psychology in the field of human enterprise. Using the principles of ToM Facilitators support clients to move obstacles in front of them that stop them growing. Enterprise Facilitation® is a social tool that achieves huge economic outcomes by releasing personal creativity and initiative found in every community regardless of culture, gender and social economic conditions.

The future of every community lies in capturing the passion energy and imagination of its people (Dr Ernesto Sirolli 1985)

Abraham Maslow wrote that: “ can be assumed that classical economic theory, based as it is on inadequate theory of human motivation, could also be revolutionized by accepting the biological reality of higher human needs, including the impulse of self-actualization and the love for the highest values”(Towards a Psychology of being – 1968).

We champion the development of community pride and robust sustainability in mentoring the most creative entrepreneurs.