The Sirolli method of Enterprise Facilitation builds communities by harnessing the passion, energy and imagination of local would be entrepreneurs. Convinced that there is no geography to intelligence and talent, Sirolli teaches communities how to transform themselves from within, one passionate person at the time. We are supported by  local citizens and the professional services of a an Enterprise Facilitator trained to work with anyone in the community wanting to start up a new business or running an existing business. 

More enterprises, better businesses and better management have a multiplier effect resulting in:
• Increase revenue for local businesses• wealth,  lower business failures •  Increase tax base
• Optimization of infrastructure usage and local economic development initiatives
• Help in retaining youth population and employment
• Maximize and grow use of existing business services 

Mining and resource companies have adopted the Sirolli Method because it builds a “parallel economy” to sustain the community long term, expedites a social license to operate and is a cost effective way to provide services to mine communities.

Enterprise Facilitation projects :

28 years of uninterrupted practice worldwide, Enterprise Facilitation differs from other local economic development initiatives for the following reasons:

We use a a unique management coaching methodology i.e. The Trinity of Management® to coach entrepreneurs and the Community is responsible to manage the project . Its cost effective, as only one professional is paid, the Enterprise Facilitator (EF) who is supported by volunteers . The EF is recruited locally, and culturally appropriate,  We come to you (on site) with the Enterprise Facilitator, Project Management Board and  Community supporters.

Why is it good for your people? :

• The service to entrepreneurs if free, confidential, caring, competent and it is done at the convenience of the client
• Highly visible and accessible service. Friendly, convivial, relaxed and completely client centered approach (we never chase clients but we promptly call them back)
• Uniform training of professional EFs worldwide that fosters networking between projects for trade and knowledge sharing
• Community capacity building to successfully manage the EF projects (the oldest project is 28 years) 
• Opportunity for the community to become a model for local economic development by nurturing the passion and intelligence of its own people.
• Become a “magnet” for entrepreneurs wanting to relocate to a dynamic and supporting community.