Description of Sirolli working within the Resource Sector

The Situation

Historically, extractives have provided some level of procurement (jobs, hiring preference to local business) and invested in infrastructure for  communities that are impacted or resettled. To varying degrees communities become reliant on mine activity for employment, business activity and a strong local economy.This dependency on mining is risky due to global market fluctuations , mine closures and mine ownership changes.


Our Solution

Making you local hero’s and being invited to develop resources.Facilitating new enterprises and fixing broken communities is our specialized field, In 1985 Enterprise Facilitation® demonstrated by Ernesto Sirolli in Esperance, Western Australia, sought the an answer to: “Could it be that economic development can be achieved helping people transform their own dreams into a way to make a living? “Using Sirolli’s approach we have averaged almost 40 business start ups a year consistently over the past 20 years,” says Barrie Stearne, Past Chair of the Esperance Enterprise Centre.

When extractive industries ask us – why do communities love you?  we respond with a system easily suited for extractive Community Relations operations, which captures the passion, energy and imagination of local entrepreneurs

We advocate you  need to build a “The Parallel Economy”

Development of a “parallel economy” of non-mine related economic activities and skills that will serve the community well before the operation starts and long after the mine has closed . The strategic change to go from traditional planning for infrastructure to using facilitated local economic activity is similar to the change required to go from open cut coal mining to prospecting for gold! Not only are the tools evolved, but your team needs the training to innovate.

Sustainable Impact

Extractives using Enterprise Facilitation® contribute to building a self reliant economy and provide essential life long business skills which are portable. Healthy Community Relations ensures you protect your License to Operate and have the opportunity to become the Company of choice for communities to work alongside. Remember people can stop you!

We are available for scoping visit to visit your Community practice and report on the preconditions for sustainable investment

Attend our regular ToM and  Mining for Community Development Courses at Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining CSRM  – University of Queensland. If you are interested contact for more information or