What is Enterprise Facilitation®?

Convinced that the future of every community lies in capturing the passion, intelligence, imagination and resources of its people, the Sirolli developed “Enterprise Facilitation” as a person-centered approach to local economic development.

Enterprise Facilitators start by working with a Project Management Board  (PMB) to provide a service which is  free & confidential to  aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses. The PMB and the Enterprise Facilitator (EF)  is supported by a group of trained volunteers – the Resource Team (RT) .  Since 1985, Enterprise Facilitation has proven  by mobilizing community leadership you can have startling results and revitalize your local economy.

• Local leadership is essential to the establishment of an Enterprise Facilitation® program. Without civic understanding and belief in your own people – nothing can happen.
• Enterprise Facilitation® is practiced by a community led by a PMB, comprised of civic leaders, stakeholder, and economic development practitioners.
• The PMB  hires and supports the training of  full-time Enterprise Facilitators to work with your local entrepreneurs.

• Enterprise Facilitators provide intensive, one-on-one assistance. They link clients to programs and resources offered by development organizations and professionals as well as community people.
• The Sirolli Institute trains, mentors and supports the PMB, EF and the RT until you are fully operational.

The results are jobs and stable peaceful lives and residual learnt capacity for self determination.