We are advocates for a civic economy, a model of development that supports the creation of wealth from within your community by nurturing the intelligence and resourcefulness of your people.

We champion the development of community pride in mentoring your most creative entrepreners.

We promote quality local enterprises that

» create jobs,

» respect the natural environment and

» infuse the community with hope and prosperity.

We support ALL business ideas. The methodology we use in achieving indigenous growth is Enterprise Facilitation® a model  recognized to complement your existing strategic planning and available resources.

Enterprise Facilitation® is based on the passion for innovation. If we come to your community we are going to find the beauty.  There is no geography to intelligence and no geography to passion. It Every object we use, the clothes on our backs, our houses, our food, our music, our beliefs and our pathways in the forest are the result of passionate people transforming their talents and visions into good work.